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When not to apply for credit transfer? 

Before applying for credit transfer on Sisu, read these instructions: Aalto University policy on credit transfer

  • In some courses, direct equivalence has been defined, in which case there is no need to apply for credit transfer.
    • These equivalents can be found in the course Info (click on the course code in the study plan), on the Equivalences tab. It is enough to choose a corresponding course and return to


    • your study plan.
    • There is no need to apply for any credit transfer in these cases.

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How to apply for credit transfer?  

When applying for credit transfer, please note that one application equals to one study attainment in the register. Therefore, if you are applying credit transfer for a minor, you will apply for each course separately.
For example exchange studies: apply credit transfer for each and every course separately.

You can


use credit transfer functionality in three cases


  • A course included in a degree can be substituted for by corresponding studies completed elsewhere or by otherwise acquired learning. Substitution requires that the contents of the studies to correspond.Apply for substitution on Sisu


  • Studies completed or learning gained elsewhere can be included in the degree. Inclusion does not require that the contents of the learning correspond exactly to the contents of Aalto University courses. → Apply for inclusion on Sisu
  • Studies/courses completed outside Aalto = apply for inclusion
  • You can include studies only to your degree (studies are in your study plan). 

Custom course credit  credit  (not credit transfer as such)

  • Learning gained outside formal education can be accredited towards the degree as learning demonstrated in some other manner. The contents of such learning do not need to correspond directly to the contents of Aalto University courses.
    • summer/winter schools, individual attainments/custom course credits, conference presentations for doctoral students 
  • Agree on custom course credits always in advance with a teacher-in-charge. 
    • please do not apply for custom credit for the study attainment / course that is already in the register! 


  • If you plan to complete studies elsewhere or gain learning elsewhere and have this recognised recognized towards your degree, use study drafts on Sisu to plan these studies/learning in advance.
    • For example, exchange studies or flexible study right (JOO) studies
  • After completing the studies or gaining the learning, use your study draft(s) to apply to have the studies/learning included in your degree or counted towards it as custom course credits.

You can only apply for credit transfer through your valid personal study plan (HOPS). In other words, the transferred credits always have to be incorporated in a specific degree. If you have not yet enrolled for the semesterterm, you cannot submit an application for credit transfer. 


Applying for a custom course credit



Do not apply for custom course credit in following cases: 

  • Studies are completed on a course
  • studies are completed in another university
  • studies /attainments are already in the register

First, ALWAYS agree on the custom course credit with a teacher or advisor in your programme. Learning services can help you find a suitable person.

You can apply to have custom course credits included in a degree for which you have a right to study. Applications and approvals for custom course credits are specific to a certain right to study and a certain study module included in your degree. They cannot be automatically transferred to a different programme or another section of your degree in your HOPS.

Do not apply fo custom course credit: 

  • Studies completed on a course
  • studies completed in another university
  • studies /attainments already in the register

After you have agreed on the custom course credit, add a study draft to your personal study plan (HOPS). After gaining the learning as agreed, use your study draft to apply to have it counted towards your degree as a custom course credit. The teacher notifies learning services of your study attainment, and learning services will process your application. Without the study attainment notice the credit will not be registered. 

The following are considered as custom course credits (mostly for doctoral students):  

  • Presentations in an international conference of the field 
  • Self-study (e.g. books, journal or conference articles; written/oral exam/review or a report to demonstrate learning) 
  • Learning university practices (teaching and guidance)
  • CHEM: Final project -thesis

There are two ways to apply for a custom course credit:


Open the study draft by clicking on it. Then click on the button Suggest credit to apply for inclusion or a custom course credit.


. Then click on the button Suggest credit to apply for inclusion or a custom course credit.

PLEASE NOTE! When you apply for credit transfer of exactly the same course (completed in Aalto) for another degree to be completed at Aalto, please choose the first option "included course credit".

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  • Fill in the title of the course/learning and other requested information (next display).


If you have completed, as part of one degree, a course that corresponds to a course in your other degree, you need to apply for substitution. Note: when two courses correspond, it means that they are not the same course, they just have corresponding contents and learning outcomes. Also note that you can apply for stubstitution substitution only if the course you have completed for one degree does NOT have the same course code and name as the course it will substitute for.


If both of your degrees include exactly the same course (the same course code and the same name), apply for inclusion.

PLEASE NOTE! Sisu suggests replacing the study draft with inclusion or custom course credit. Inclusion is always sought for studies completed at Aalto!

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For example, your Bachelor of Science (Technology) degree in Chemical Engineering includes the minor Systems Sciences (SCI3034) which consists of six courses. You want to include the same minor in your Bachelor of Science (Economics and Business Administration) degree.