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In this plan, the other modules were already completed, so they showed up by choosing them in selection assistant. 

Study plan with two completed modules

Including a licentiate degree in a doctoral degree 

If you have a licentiate degree and now you are pursuing a doctorate in the same field, your first step is to contact the learning services for your doctoral programme.  You can include your completed licentiate degree as part of your doctoral degree in Sisu by credit transfer (which requires the doctoral programme’s approval) and by editing the structure of your study plan. 

A summary of the steps

  • First, contact your doctoral programme’s learning services to see if you can get a credit transfer of your licentiate degree for your doctoral degree. If such a credit transfer is possible, continue by following the steps below.
  • You will receive a message from your doctoral programme on the matter once they have made the necessary changes to your education path on Sisu and made a template of your study plan available.
  • Through the study plan, apply for a change to your degree structure.
    • The doctoral degree for licentiate graduates consists of the following: the research field studies + the name of your research field, and your doctoral dissertation (doctoral thesis).
  • A study draft of your licentiate degree is located below the name of the research field.  
  • You can use the study draft to apply for credit to cover all of your licentiate degree studies.
    • Apply to include your licentiate degree in your doctoral degree.
  • When your application for this inclusion is approved, the credits will appear in your study plan in place of the study draft.  
  • Then you can apply to have the content in your research field approved.
  • You still need to apply for approval of your degree structure as a whole. After that, you can apply for graduation.

Editing your study plan

Once a decision is made on the credit transfer of your licentiate degree for your doctoral degree, you will receive a message saying your study plan template is available. 

Phase 1: Apply for approval of a custom degree structure

Go to your Sisu study plan (or create one if you have not done so yet). The correct codes for doctoral programme plans begin with DP-.

  • Select Research field studies (at the left of the picture) and select the free edit mode
  • Click the ‘three dots’ button and free edit mode in the selection assistant. 

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Your research field is already selected beneath ‘Research field studies’; you just need to get this selection confirmed in your degree structure.

  • Click Apply for approval. Add ‘licentiate degree’ as the grounds for the approval.
  • Submit the application. 

When the application has been sent, the warning messages ‘Does not fit within the degree structure’ and Selections against the rules’ vanish from the study plan.  

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Phase 2: Create research field content (i.e. a study draft of the licentiate degree)

  • Select the name of your research field under Research field studies (the example shows ‘Phototonics and Nanotechnology’). 
  • At your research field, go to free edit mode by clicking the three-dots button, then click
  • Add a study draft.
    • You could call your study draft e.g. ‘Studies accredited from licentiate degree’. An administrative staff member will later enter the exact name and information if necessary. 

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Phase 3: Proposing credit for the study draft (i.e. applying for credit transfer via the study draft) 

You can apply for credit transfer of your licentiate degree once your study draft has been made. 

  • Open the study draft information by clicking Study draft and Suggest credit.
  • Apply for inclusion. 
    • You do not need to edit the name for the credit as a staff person will enter the precise name for it later. 
  • At Completed credit, specify what knowledge or learning you are pursuing (a staff person will add extra details, if necessary). 
    • When you complete an application via the study draft, the information is transferred automatically from the study draft to the application.
  • Attach your licentiate degree certificate and transcript of records (that is, for licentiates completed elsewhere than at Aalto) as appendices, if necessary.

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Phase 4: Credit transfer approved

Sisu will inform you when the decision on the transfer is ready. After approval, you will see the completed credits in your study plan and in your completed studies. Additional information.

If you sought approval through a study draft, the approval will appear immediately in the correct place in the study plan.

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Phase 5: Approval of the module content 

  • Next, apply for separate approval of the content of your module (i.e. of your licentiate). 
  • To activate an application for approval, go to the free edit mode (shown in grey in the picture because the content does not correspond to the original structure). 

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Phase 6: Content of research field approved

When the content of the research field is approved, you will get a message in Sisu, and your study plan will show the text ’selections approved, parts completed’. 

Decision details can be viewed by clicking Show beside Content approved (in the selection assistant).

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Phase 7: Approving the degree structure as a whole

Because your degree structure varies from the usual, it must be separately approved.

  • In your study plan, select Degree studies and go to the free edit mode.
  • Click Apply for approval.
  • For grounds, you can put ‘licentiate studies / licentiate degree’.

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Request for graduation

You can submit a request for graduation after seeking approval for your degree structure.