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When applying for credit transfer, please note that one application equals to one study attainment in the register. Therefore, if you are applying credit transfer for a minor, you will apply for each course separately.
For example exchange studies: apply credit transfer for each and every course separately.

You can apply for credit transfer in three cases



  • A course included in a degree can be substituted for by corresponding studies completed elsewhere or by otherwise acquired learning. Substitution requires that the contents of the studies to correspond.Apply for substitution on Sisu


  • Studies completed or learning gained elsewhere can be included in the degree. Inclusion does not require that the contents of the learning correspond exactly to the contents of Aalto University courses. → Apply for inclusion on Sisu
  • Studies/courses completed outside Aalto = apply for inclusion
  • You can include studies only to your degree (studies are in your study plan). 

Custom course credit  

  • Learning gained outside formal education can be accredited towards the degree as learning demonstrated in some other manner. The contents of such learning do not need to correspond directly to the contents of Aalto University courses.
    • summer/winter schools, individual attainments/custom course credits, conference presentations for doctoral students 
  • Agree on custom course credits always in advance with a teacher-in-charge. 
    • please do not apply for custom credit for the studies study attainment / course that is already in the register

You can also make plans for studies that you will complete outside of Aalto by adding study drafts to your HOPS on Sisu