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Sometimes there are courses recommended to doctoral students to complete that are advised to complete  but these are considered as  extracurricular studies. In order to register for these courses, they need to be in your SISU credit plan.

Since the doctoral degree does degrees do not contain any free-choice studies, there will be a study module "Extracurricular ‘Extracurricular studies/tutkintoon kuulumattomat opinnot" opinnot’ in the degree structure. 

  1. Choose the module as part of your plan. 
  2. Add the course(s) to your plan (here added Basic Japanese was added)
  3. Before submitting your graduation request, remember to delete this module of from your plan!. 

This study module does not need approval nor is it evaluated. Completed  Completed courses will show on your study transcript, but not in your degree certificate nor in its attachments. 

In selection assistan Add to the plan title circled with red

What if I already have a licentiate degree and need only a doctoral thesis to complete


my doctoral degree? 


Instructions under preparation!available in Finnish, English version in progress! Contact your doctoral programme. 

How to update


the SISU credit plan if it is invalid?

Sisu is a developing system and some adjusting is done to degree structures from time to time. Unfortunately, this might some times " break " earlier study plans made earlier and make them invalid. Sisu gives notifications when your plan does not match the current structure due to changes or choices made in the plan (see the notifications below).


How to update the plan? 

When Extracurricular the extracurricular studies study module was added to the structure on 26 .3.March, 2021, plans created before that are in invalid state "Selections against the rules". 

Start by creating a new plan (do not copy!)  and choose first the degree studies.  


Choose then study modules. In this example the research field content in acoustics and signal processing had already been approved so choosing the same courses changes the status to valid again. You can find the approved content by clicking open the clicking Show.

Study Earlier study drafts cannot, unfortunately, be found again but , you need to create them again and send in for approval

Studies included in the degree module against the rules. The plan differs from the content of the approval application.Warning texts in module and selection assistant circled with red

In this plan, the other modules were already completed, so they show showed up by choosing them in selection assistant.