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MyCourses workspaces are open access by default. Guests (non-logged-in users) have read-only access to workspaces.

Teachers can restrict some access rights in their workspaces, but they cannot hide their course workspaces completely.

Note: by default, all visitors can see material in a workspace. Access to activities, e.g. assignments or discussions, is for course students, teachers and assistants only.

How I know object has restirction?

When you are in Teacher role on course space you will see restriction notice in all objects that have restrictions. On single section/page restriction information is shown under Page header (see image).

Section restriction imageImage Modified
Image: Section/page called "For Aalto users" has restriction that checks if user is logged in with Aalto user account.

How to restrict workspace access to Aalto-/Haka-logged-in users only

Guest access is allowed by default.

You can restrict access to logged-in users only by disabling guest access to your workspace:

Turn editing on → Click Enrolment methods   Guest access → Hide (eye icon)

teacher quick link menuImage Modified Enrolment method Image Modified

How to restrict section or resource access to course students only

You can make an object (a section or a resource, such as Folder) inaccessible to all but your course students (with the exception of teachers and assistants, who will still be able to see everything in the workspace).

This is done by changing the access settings of the specific object, as described below (for detailed description, see Restricting access).

To change the access settings for a section:

Turn editing on, and then near the top of the section click EditEdit section name and summary → Restrict access → Role → Student.

Section access settings menuImage Modified

To change the access settings in a resource:

Open the resource (e.g., a Folder) click the gear icon Edit settings → Restrict access → Add restriction → Role → Student.

See more on restricting access to a resource or activity.

How to restrict access to Aalto users only

In some cases, you may want to limit access to Aalto users only.

Every course workspace has a ready-made restricted section called "For Aalto users only". The restriction is made by excluding all users except those who have an Aalto ( email address.

You can also restrict access to other sections for Aalto users only: Turn editing on, then near the top of the section click EditEdit section name and summary → Restrict access → Add restriction User profile → choose User account contains → write (see the picture below).

Setting for Aalto usersImage Modified