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  • new A+ teachers
    • support for evaluating whether A+ would suit their courses → online meetings to be organized!
    • workshops, e.g. for small course needs
    • need to improve the documentation so that teachers know how to develop their A+ courses and new exercises. The current documentation is said to be unclear, badly organized, lacking a tutorial for newcomers, and fragmented to multiple locations and sites.
  • information on planned A+ development on releases for teachers → A+ vision, milestones and next release contents to be discussed regularly with teachers
  • also external tools (commercial or OS) available; what alternatives are there for CS needs? → increase awareness on these (indicate their existence), and presentations/e.g. webinars, some testing alternatives can be organized
  • what are the pedagogical needs? → teacher interviews
    • there are other needs besides automatic grading too. Manual grading tools, collaboration tools for student projects, peer grading/reviews?
  • how do teachers get new tools in use for their teaching?
  • Steering group:
    • how to rotate the steering group members?
    • "monthly hour" for the SG
    • CS news entry on decisions & plans!
  • Next TF: in MAY: 18.5. at 9.30-10.30