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As a default, MyCourses is open to guests (i.e. to non-logged-in users).

You can restrict access to the workspace to logged-in-users (Aalto/Haka) only.

You can restrict access to a section (except to the front page) or to a resource (e.g. a folder).

Accessability and visibility of an object

Notice that restricting object will restrict users to enter on content in object. Link to object will not work if user is not part of the restricted group. By default in most cases object restriction rule, name and description are shown on main section page level. This way student is able to see what rule they have to pass to access object. For example students have to have assignment uploaded before they can access next assignment activity. Teacher can set visibility to not visible if needed. If visibility is set to not how student can not see any sign of object unless they are part of the restriction rule. For example if assignment is se to hidden unless students have uploaded assignment to previous assignment they have no way to see anything about second assignment box. 

Notice! if you set restriction to whole Section it will hide completely Section and objects on that section.

How to set visibility? 

When setting restriction rule there is an eye icon before rule. Click icon to toggle visibility. 

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How to restrict access to a section, resource or an activity

Open the section → Editing mode on → Edit  → Edit section name and summary → Restrict access → Add restriction → Choose to restrict by:

  • Activity completion (before you can use this, the activity completion activity must be activated via Quick links panel).
  • Date
  • Grade
  • Group (You must have groups created before you can use this)
  • Grouping (You must have groups and groupings created before you can use this)
  • Role (With Student-role, you can restrict access to your course students only)
  • User Profile (e.g. restrict to only emails containing
  • Restriction set (add a set of nested restrictions to apply complex logic, e.g. group + date

How to limit recourse


accessibility by date

Open the resource → Edit settings → Restrict access → Add restriction → Date → set data and time

How to limit

resource visibility

resource accessibility to course members only

  • Open the resource → Edit settings → Restrict access → Add restriction → Role → Student

    Note: With this restriction, teachers and assistant can still see everything in the workspace.

After you have restricted access to an object, users can see an info text.