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Comment: Updated project status for summer 2020


  • Developer: Jaakko, Qianqian Qin (25h/w -May)Sami, Mikko
  • Technical instructor: Jaakko
  • Customer: JaakkoMarkku (EDIT, A+ admins)
  • Additional work: 
    • Mikko Hakala - consults operations perspective
  • Weekly: Thu 13  -14

Process description

Write hereNo formal team, hence open process between EDIT and CS IT

Project description

Course material CI/CD pipeline for A+ and other LMSes (e.g. mycourses). Roman is a course compilation tool (teacher command/graphical interface to do local building, configuration converter for shepherdThe project cosists of few parts:

  • Roman: Python lib and CLI tool to compile with local docker. Possibility to develope a GUI app for teachers and include `./` parts. Conseptually same as drone exec  -
  • Shepherd: Web service and the core project. - - Shepherd cositst of three major areas:
    1. User and course management. Users are stored with tress, so we can model real organisation. Supports defining rules like "if you are member of cs-staff, you can create new courses with prefix `cs-*`". Additionally, teachers can manage other teachers part of the course (i.e. write persmission)
    2. Automatic course compilation as reaction to changes in the remote git: 1) make a local copy of the data (protection against removing repo or removing access), 2) compile the course material using containers 3) upload configurations to different services and/or configure them
    3. Grant permissions for course build steps to manage their virtual area in different services

Problems the project aims to solve:

  • Remove administration tasks by allowing course creation and management for the teacher themself
  • Manage SSH keys, thus removing requirement to add Teemu Lehtinen to the project. Additionally, allows using other git remotes.
  • Supporting more complicated course compilation by using containers for steps
  • Scaling course compilation by using Kubernetes
  • Make it easier to add more assessment tools (currently it's only easy to use a single mooc-grader, which blocks migration to new installations and services)

Project goals:

  • step 1 - replace mooc-grader/gitmanager, requirements:
    • web UI
    • pipeline runner: we have celery prototype, look into Argo is requiredbetter alternatives
    • roman for running or creating configuration for Argoworkflow engine
    • deployment containers: work done on static file uploading client and server. container for coniguring A+ is required
  • step 2 - more than that

Status (done):

  • User management in Shepherd (Proto/ok)
  • Course managment in Shepherd (Proto/ok)
  • Shepherd uses celery to download git material, git subtree to create a build workingtree and to run Roman to build it
  • Roman can build courses using docker in local machine using filesystem mount
  • We have static material upload flask application (files can be shared with nginx)
  • We have deployment container to upload to the flask app
  • PoC works with roman building, uploading static files to docker-compose network including static server and files can be accessed from there