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Distributed intelligent production involving remote actors

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Due to covid-19, the physical MiR100 component in the lab was replaced by a simulation
environment based on ROS, Gazebo, made by DFKI. The simulated MiR100 robot was localized
and navigated in a static premade environment. The user and the robot are communicating locally
through Gazebo and RViz interface or remotely through a web interface. The user provides the
robot with missions while the robot returns the map data and the robot’s operating parameters.
Since ROS can only be installed on a few specific operating systems, the use of virtual machines
with Debian/Linux operating systems installed offered clients with no access to such OS can still
involve in the project development.

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Communication protocol posed as one of the main challenges regarding this project. Because of the
aim to operate without borders, the Internet as the medium of connection is the only viable option to
secure the integrity and confidentiality of communication. Network and latency tests have been
carried out and analyzed in order to assess the stability and the throughput of signal.