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Video tutorial: How to import activities and resources

You can import (copy) all or some chosen contents (activities, resources) from your previous course workspace using Import. 

Note: To import contents, you must have a the role of teacher role in both workspaces.

How to import contents

  1. Go to the new course workspace you want to import contents to. Turn editing on to see the Quick links panel → click Import activities and resources

  2. You will see a list of your workspaces. Choose the workspace you want imported → Continue

  3. in In Backup settings: Choose choose Include activities and resources’ Choose and then ´Include groups and groupings' if you want your own groups or grouping imported. Users are not imported.  → Next

  4. Select the sections, activities and resources you want to import. → Next. There is no need to include Announcements or General discussion, which are template activities.
  5. Review that your selections are correct → Next

  6. Perform the import.

In every workspace, all the resources and activities are located in a given section, and in the new workspace, the imported contents are located in the same section as in the original. You can change the order of the contents. How


The first four imported sections carry the template section names. You can rename them if needed.

If there are sections or contents missing from your workspace, you can add them and then make the imported contents visible. How

Now you can start editing your new workspace.