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Martti Rahkila

Development Manager, Aalto IT Services CDO Office

On the surface:

  • #timetolevelup
  • #dataisthenewwater
  • #AaltoSDG

martti.rahkila @
+358 50 576 1175
Aalto University
P.O. Box 11000
FI-00076 Aalto, Finland

Aalto People profile

Some blog posts

Blog Posts

Currently active on

  • exploring, sharing and creating new digital ways of working #timetolevelup
  • constructing data governance to Aalto University #dataisthenewwater
  • building a Lean culture and innovation agility to Aalto (IT) services
  • exploring the ever evolving digital landscape through strategic experimentation projects such as AI / Machine Learning
  • supporting all Aalto people in creating all-win models for Aalto digitalization
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) #AaltoSDG

Earlier (worklife) activities include...

Teaching, Research, IT, Service Design & Management, Human Resources, Diversity and Equality, Procurement, Finance, Quality, Educational administration,...

I've done some research in...

Intelligent web applications for self-study education

Digital audio and audio signal processing

Internet technologies


Computer security

Learning & teaching

see more at

...and some teaching work...

S-89.3490 Special assignment in Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing Co-ordination (2001-2010)
S-89.300 Ääniteknologian perusteet/Sound and Voice Technology (2000-2005 together with Matti Karjalainen)
S-89.540 Audio Signal Processing (2001-2006 together with Vesa Välimäki and Jyri Huopaniemi)
T-111.361 Hypermedia documents (1997-2001)

I have also been a student councellor (study advisor) for the Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing studies (S-89 courses) between 1996-2009.


List of Publications

Other activities


A wide range of webmaster / web programming projects, for example the old TKK Acoustics lab pages

Committee member (IT-officer / webmaster) for the DAFX-08 , AES22 and AES16 International conferences