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Martti Rahkila

Development Manager, Aalto IT Services CDO Office

On the surface:                                                                                                       

martti.rahkila @
+358 50 576 1175
Aalto University
P.O. Box 17800
FI-00076 Aalto, Finland

Aalto People profile

My public PGP-key is available through public keyservers. Details for verifying the key:

ID: BCE1F0DC (Created: 12.5.2014)

Fingerprint: E6F7 B862 186F BC42 8181 C223 C9AE C8DE BCE1 F0DC

Current (worklife) activities include...

Digitalization, Data Governance, Service management

Earlier (worklife) activities include...

Teaching, Research, IT, Human Resources, Diversity and Equality, Procurement, Finance, Quality, Educational administration,...

I've done some research in...

Intelligent web applications for self-study education

Digital audio and audio signal processing

Internet technologies


Computer security

Learning & teaching

...and some teaching work...

S-89.3490 Special assignment in Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing Co-ordination (2001-2010)
S-89.300 Ääniteknologian perusteet/Sound and Voice Technology (2000-2005 together with Matti Karjalainen)
S-89.540 Audio Signal Processing (2001-2006 together withVesa Välimäki and Jyri Huopaniemi)
T-111.361 Hypermedia documents (1997-2001)

I have also been a student councellor (study advisor) for the Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing studies (S-89 courses) between 1996-2009.


List of Publications

Other activities


A wide range of webmaster / web programming projects, for example the old TKK Acoustics lab pages

Committee member (IT-officer / webmaster) for the DAFX-08 , AES22 and AES16 International conferences