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  • Activating Students on a Basic Course
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Presenter: Jari J. Hänninen, Postdoctoral Researcher, Aalto ELEC

Degree programme: EST


A new way of enlivening electromagnetics basics courses has been attempted in the Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering. Many students consider the electromagnetics basic courses difficult, and in any case, passing the courses requires hard work.

The idea has been to emphasise conceptual understanding on the lectures by using clickers and peer instruction and, furthermore, the workload of traditional exercises has been divided over the entire course by giving more weight to answering exercise problems (calculations) compared to the exam (60/40 ratio). In half of the exercise problems group work has been required. This approach is still experimental, but at least the students have liked it for the most part. So far no systematic analysis on the effectiveness of the method has been carried out. Therefore, the purpose of the presentation is to demonstrate the method (clickers are used) and provoke discussion and new thoughts about teaching.