Turnitin for Students

What is Turnitin?  (Turnitin description in Into, even på svenska) 

1. Submitting a file to a Turnitin activity in MyCourses

a) Course assignments

b) Thesis drafts

    • Bachelor's thesis: see if you can submit draft versions in a Turnitin activity in your bachelor's thesis seminar. If not, see point b).
    • Master's or doctoral thesis (or bachelor's thesis): 
      • check whether your advisor or supervisor has got a personal MyCourses workspace for thesis supervision in mycourses.aalto.fi : write your supervisor's or advisor's (sur)name in the "Search courses" (=magnifying glass icon) field. If the search lists a workspace beginning with "Thesis supervision..." and ending with your supervisor's or advisor's name, follow the instructions in the workspace in order to submit your thesis in a Turnitin activity. If this kind of workspace is not listed, you can suggest your supervisor to get one. If it did not work, see the point c).

c) For independent Turnitin usage

2. Handling a similarity report

3. Viewing teacher's feedback and grading

4. What is expected of you when using Turnitin

5. In case of problems related to PDF/A files