Turnitin for Teachers

Turnitin can be used via two interfaces:

  1. The primary interface mycourses.aalto.fi is used for course assignments or thesis. See the Case A instructions.
  2. The secondary interface turnitin.aalto.fi is used for other papers. Follow the Case B instructions. Currently, this interface is unavailable.

Course Assignments or Thesis (Case A)

What is Turnitin?

MyCourses workspace for a course, thesis process or an exam

If you use Turnitin

Add a Turnitin assignment activity (submission inbox)

View and manage students' submissions

Assess with Turnitin similarity report

Important about rights and responsibilities

Other papers (Case B)

Examples: You would like to check originality of your own papers as a faculty member, or papers that are written by people outside Aalto University such as applications or dissertations from other universities.

Note!  There is a known issue in turnitin.aalto.fi