Teacher Submits on Student's Behalf

Normally, students submit papers themselves into a Turnitin submission box. If a student has submitted the paper some other way, a teacher can submit it in Turnitin on her/his behalf. Note The Code of Academic Integrity: students should be treated equally.

A) Open the Turnitin submission box in your MyCourses course. If there is no Turnitin assignment activity in the course workspace yet, see instructions how to add it.

B) If the student whose paper will be submitted is not listed in the Turnitin submission box, add her/him as a participant to the MyCourses workspace:

    • Course home page > Participants (on the left) > Enroll users > type a name of a student in the Search field and choose the right student from the search results > check that the Assign role = Student

C) Submit the file on student's behalf: click the icon with an upward arrow (icon looks like a cloud with an arrow in it) on the student's row in a submission inbox and see how to submit a file (Turnitin tutorial)