Teacher's View of Submission Inbox

A new version of Turnitin assignment has been installed in MyCourses in June 2016. New version of Turnitin manual will be updated soon here! See Turnitin instructor manual of the current version, list of features of the new and the previous version. Also a new version of Turnitin interface, called Feedback studio is available, watch a demo of Feedback Studio.


In order to see a submission and its originality report do the following (same steps are presented in the picture series below):

  • Go to your course workspace in MyCourses and open the Turnitin assignment (submission box) by clicking its name
  • Choose Submission Inbox
  • Open a student's document and its originality report by clicking a percentage under Similarity column. Turnitin view opens in a new browser window. If there is a notice Pending instead of a percentage, the originality report is not ready yet. Click Refresh submissions to see the latest state of it.
  • After clicking the percentage a new window opens. It is the Turnitin Originality view on the student's document.
  • The next step: Interpret the originality report

Note! If some students inform that they can not submit and they get User not found notification, the issue can be resolved by a teacher: click Enroll all students. If you click this button before students start to submit, this problem can be prevented.

A tip: If you want to find a paper by a certain student among dozens of papers, type student's surname into Search field.


Picture series. Teacher views submissions and originality reports.


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