Student views feedback in Feedback Studio



Open Feedback Studio to get feedback from a teacher

1. Possible feedback from a teacher can be seen only after the date Assessment available. Contact the teacher, if you should already get feedback but the date is in future.

2. Open the feedback view by clicking any of the links marked in the screen capture. Feedback Studio opens on a new tab.

Check different forms of feedback


A teacher can give feedback in three different ways and you should check all of them (numbers 1 to 3 in the screen capture):

1. A possible grade is located in the right upper corner. This grade can be seen also in MyCourses inbox. 

2. Check that the feedback written on the document is shown: a black icon = instructor feedback layer is hidden, a blue icon = instructor feedback layer is shown. If the icon is black, click it in order to see feedback.

2.1 Click a speech bubble to see a comment in it. See also numbers 2.1.1 - 2.1.2. in the next screen capture.

2.2 Some parts can be crossed out from the text.

2.3 Some comments can be seen straight on the document.

2.4 A teacher might have highlighted parts of the text with a colour with a bubble comment next to it.

3. Click the blue speech bubble to see feedback concerning the whole document. Instructor feedback view opens on the right. See also numbers 3.1.-3.3. in another screen capture below.

4. If a teacher has highlighted parts of the text with colours, you can temporarily hide similarity colours (number 4.1 in the screen capture) by clicking the icon of the similarity layer (number 4). A red icon = similarity layer is shown, a black icon = a similarity layer is hidden.

5. You can download a pdf file of your document with all feedback put together apart from a possible audio feedback:

  • check that the instructor feedback layer is shown (number 2 = blue). To include the similarity marks in the pdf as well, check that the similarity level is shown (number 4 = red)
  • choose Current View in a pop-up window to get the pdf file.


2.1. Click a white speech bubble to see the comment in it. You can see initials of the teacher next to the bubble.

2.1.1. A comment opens in a pop up window.

2.1.2. If a teacher has linked the comment with one of the assessment criteria, the criterion in question can be seen in the left upper corner.


3.1. Click View rubric to see the assessment criteria of the assignment in a pop up window (if a teacher has attached a rubric in this assignment).

3.2  Listen a voice comment (the icon is not shown if there is none).

3.3. A text comment on the whole document can be seen here.