Peermark assignment

A peer reviewing feature can be a part of a Turnitin assignment activity.

Note! As a peer you can not see similarity reports of others, but you can review their submissions otherwise.

Peer review is done in PeerMark view where teacher has added evaluative questions to help reviewing. In addition, you have a possibility to comment freely on the paper (annotation feature).

Teacher can choose, whether pairing is done automatically or manually by students or by teacher herself/himself.

1. Open the peer assignment by clicking the green button with a white plus.

2. Instructions for peer reviewing can be seen if the button is red. Click a green button into red.

2.1 Start date is the time to start peer evaluation (smile)

2.2 Do it by the due date.

2.3. After the Post date you will get reviews by your peers.

2.4 If the teacher is going to assess peer assignments with marks, it is mentioned here.

2.5 You are expected to do as many reviews as it is seen here. One of those can be a self review.

3. Start reviewing by clicking the small green icon.

3.1 Click the drop down menu in order to review.

Note! Possible Pop up blocker of a browser may prohibit reviewing. Add api.turnitin.com as an exception to the blocker or turn it off.

4. Review your peer's paper in PeerMark view.

4.1. Answer teacher's questions.

4.2. Save your answers after a while and continue editing.

4.3. As soon as you are ready, submit. If there is still time before the due date, you can come back and revise the review (see nr 5).

4.4 You can also comment freely on the paper. There are some tools to do it.

4.5 If you click anywhere on the paper you can add a comment there.

4.6 All your comments on the paper are listed on Comments tab.

5. You can edit your reviews until the due date.

6. After the Post date a green tap appears next to Write reviews tab. Click that in order to see reviews from your peers.