Peer review assignment

A teacher can add a peer reviewing feature into a Turnitin assignment activity.

Note! Peers can not see similarity reports of other students, but they can review their submissions otherwise.

Students review their peers' papers in PeerMark view where they answer evaluative questions. In addition, they have a possibility to comment freely on the paper (annotation feature).

Teacher can choose, whether pairing is done automatically or manually by students or by teacher herself/himself.

It is recommended that if teacher reviews students' papers in addition to peer reviews, she/he does it in Feedback Studio instead of PeerMark view (where teacher would be as if he/she was "one of the peers"). So, rule of the thumb could be: students evaluate their peers' papers with PeerMark tools and teacher evaluates students' papers with Feedback studio tools.

1. Add a new peer assignment by clicking the green gear icon (Launch peermark reviews ) in Turnitin submission inbox.

2. At first, add a peer assignment.

3. Edit peer assignment settings:

3.1 Give a name to the peer assignment

3.2 and instructions for it.

3.3 Point value is a grade for peer review(s). Note: these points are not automatically shown in MyCourses Grades view. Therefore it is easier to leave this empty and add possible points into the total grading of the submission in Turnitin Feedback studio or straight into the submission inbox.

3.4 Start date is related with the Due date of the assignment that will be peer reviewed.

3.5 & 3.6 Due date for peer assignments should be earlier than the Feedback release date when students see the reviews they have got from their peers.

3.7 Open the additional settings

3.8 See nr 3.3 - it is easier to leave this out: choose No

3.9 If you prefer anonymous peer assessing choose No.

3.10 If you choose Yes do not choose automatic distribution.

3.11 How many papers should a student review? Put the number here and papers are distributed automatically to each student at the Start date.

3.12 If all papers are distributed automatically choose 0,

3.13 If self-review is required, the number of peer assignments increases by one in students' view.

3.14 Save the settings.

4. Peer assignment questions

4.1 Use ready-made questions or

4.2 add a question of your own. There are two question types:an open answer and a scale.

Minimum answer length indicates minimum number of words.

4.3. You can change the order of the questions and continue editing each of them.

5. On a distribution tab a current state of pairs can checked

5.1 If students choose manually their pairs, you can check with filter whether some students are without a pair.

5.2 Before automatic pairing has started a number of reviews can be seen here.

5.3 As a teacher you can manually make pairs.

5.4 Forced means the number of reviews (students) that are either automatically or manually pointed to the student at the moment.

6. Once a peer assignment is added, its settings can be edited via gear icon.

7. Peer reviews can be viewed here.

7.1 Finished peer reviews can be viewed here. Also their grading is possible (see also nr 3.3).

7.2. By the due date every student should have submitted and received an equal abount of reviews if there is no self review.

7.3 The teacher can also review student's paper with the same peer review questions as peers. To keep it simple it is recommended not to use this option. Instead

See Peer review instructions for students