Skilful Writing and Prevention of Plagiarism (copied to MC help)

Turnitin is a tool for enhancing skilful writing and preventing plagiarism. In practice, it is a submission box for papers. Turnitin checks texts against comparison databases (repositories) for similarity and generates a similarity report. Comparison databases include web pages, student papers and library databases and publications. The similarity report shows similarities, it does not identify plagiarism. The reports have to be interpreted to decide whether plagiarism is involved or not.

Turnitin can also be used to give feedback and grades.

Aalto University Code of Academic Integrity describes the rights and responsibilities of students and teachers, typical forms of plagiarism, how to handle suspicions of plagiarism, and the possible consequences of plagiarism.

Turnitin for teachers - How to use Turnitin, what to consider when using it, and Aalto University's policy concerning it.

Turnitin for students - How to use Turnitin as a student in MyCourses.

Turnitin description in Into portal