Create a submission inbox in turnitin.aalto.fi

Known issue

Note! There is a known issue with turnitin.aalto.fi: functions will end in error notifications. Furthermore, if you log in with your Aalto acccount, your Turnitin account may be inactivated.

Turnitin can be accessed via MyCourses.aalto.fi. In order to get a Turnitin similarity report of your own paper, you can use workspace "Independent Turnitin Originality Check" in the same way as students do.

If you need assistance or if your access to Turnitin via MyCourses is not successful, please contact turnitin[ät]aalto.fi.

Note about rights and responsibilities

If papers are written by Aalto University students, it is recommended to follow the Case: Course assignments or thesis instead of this practice.

Reasons for avoiding submission of students' papers via turnitin.aalto.fi based on the Aalto University Code of Academic Integrity

  • equal treating of students is endangered, if only some of thesis or assignments are checked by a teacher instead of all students submitting papers by themselves in MyCourses
  • students may not be informed about Turnitin beforehand
  • does not support student’s timely learning if Originality Check is done only while grading - Turnitin is used for detecting rather than for preventing
  • if Originality Check is done only while grading, more investigating processes are likely to start compared to preventive practices 
  • assignments can not be compared against each other, because they can not be saved in the Turnitin student repository without author's consent.

Create a submission inbox and submit

Before you can submit files for Turnitin originality check, create a workspace and a submission inbox.

Important! If you check a paper written by an another author or written together with other authors, you must choose "No repository" in the submission box settings (see nr 15 in the screen capture below).

Log in with your Aalto account and password in turnitin.aalto.fi.

If you use Turnitin for the first time ever, you are asked to agree a Turnitin User Agreement in a pop-up window. If you can not proceed, check that pop-ups are allowed in the browser.

After logging in follow numbers 1-25 in screen capture pictures.

See instructions how to interpret the originality report.