Target group: Thesis supervisors or advisors on bachelor's, master's or doctoral level, LES staff who support teachers in thesis processes

Contents: The training consists of introductions, discussions and hands-on training. After the training a participant

  • Knows different types of workspaces in MyCourses for thesis processes: workspace of a seminar group, workspace for personal supervision/advising
  • Knows how to use Turnitin assignment acitivity in MyCourses for receiving thesis drafts for commenting or final versions of thesis for grading
  • Can interprete a Turnitin similarity report which helps to assess originality of a text and usage of sources, and use the tools of a report
  • Knows Aalto code of academic integrity which regulates usage of Turnitin in supporting learning of academic writing, describes different forms of plagiarism and sets the process how to handle cases if plagiarism is suspected based on a Turnitin report (or without it)
  • Can start supervising / advising in MyCourses with help of Turnitin
  • Know how to get support for using Turnitin in MyCourses.

Duration: 2 hours

Time, venue and enrolment: see details in Turnitin Support

Trainer: ms Minna Vänskä, specialist, Learning Services, ICT for learning team

Language: Finnish or English, the language of each training depends on enrolled participants.

Further information:

    • This training is arranged  4-5 times during an academic year. 
    • This training is also available by demand, please contact: turnitin@aalto.fi