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Aalto SDG - Sustainable Development Goals

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  • AaltoSDG mobile application launched in January 2020
  • All Aalto courses labelled with SDGs, and 
  • SDG Accord commitment since Feb 2018

"Aalto SDG" referred to a network that started coordinating Aalto´s commitment to Agenda 2030 and UN´s Sustainable Development Goals. Aalto´s president Ilkka Niemelä signed the SDG Accord in Februay 2018:

SUMMARY of 2018: How to go forward. Describes the activities and an action plan proposal for Aalto PMT

Key activities and members are described here: PDF.


  • Minutes meeting 6/2018, 28 Nov 2018 in Otaniemi

  • Minutes meeting 5/2018, 12 Oct 2018 in Otaniemi:

  • Minutes meeting 4/2018, 12 September 2018 in Otaniemi:

Studia Generalia: Aalto, SDG ja Raportointi 17.4.2018, Oppimiskeskus

Materials below!

More information in the ppt-materials and:

Meri Löyttyniemi, senior advisor, Aalto Sustainability Hub

tel. +358 50 313 7549, 

and members of Aalto SDG network

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