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Aalto Wiki uses Confluence 5.6.




Introduction to Aalto University Wiki service, wiki.aalto.fi


Aalto University Wiki service, Aalto Wiki (wiki.aalto.fi), is a collaboration tool for Aalto-University staff. Aalto University Wiki has two types of wiki work spaces available. There are personal wiki spaces, which can be used as personal homepages or as private workspaces. In addition to personal wikis there are also collaboration spaces. These are better suited for larger projects which need public and semi-public publishing and editing as well as some restricted pages. Every kind of wiki space can be configured to allow or restrict users.

Aalto Wiki uses Confluence collaboration software by Atlassian. In addition to the basic Confluence wiki- tools there are several add-ons that can be used to enhance collaboration. 
To get started please read the Quick Guide to Aalto Wiki, to know more about the add-ons and ways to use Aalto wiki please read the Add-ons and Usage examples information.

Who can use Aalto University Wiki?

Aalto employees who have an Aalto account, can login and create a personal wiki spaces and collaboration wiki spaces. Aalto students can create personal wiki spaces.

Users from Finnish universities, which are members of Haka identity federation can login. HAKA users cannot create wiki spaces.

Non-Aalto users can create public accounts. With these accounts it is possible to participate in collaboration wiki spaces or just subscribe to content of interest. 
For more info on user rights please take a look at the corresponding page in Wikispace admin info.


Anonymous users can view and comment on non-restricted content, please be aware of this when you create your wiki space.  


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