AaltoWiki will be updated from the current software version to the newest version in the near future.

AaltoWiki uses collaborative software Confluence by Atlassian. There are some major changes in the new
version of Confluence, if you want to skip reading and go straight to the point, watch the video clips that sum up the
major differences between the old version of Confluence and the newest one.

Instructions for using the new wiki version are here.

You can find a lot of information about Confluence 5 from here.

Some of the changes are shown below :

What's new in Confluence 5



What Changes - in a Nutshell

  • New User Interface
    • Simplified Create -process
    • New space sidebar
    • More info
  • New Editor
    • Simplified editor
    • Access to content code¨
    • Find & Replace
  • More responsive layout



Introducing Confluence 5 

Explains the new features found in Confluence 5

The Latest Documentation :

We highly recommend taking some time to check out the latest documentation by Atlassian.


What happens to macros and plugins?

The change of the wiki storage format affects macros 
and plugins as well. 

No plugin or macro features will be lost. 

Some user macros have to be updated.

Want to learn more about creating content in the new wiki? Watch this clip in YouTube.

New User Interface!

The new Confluence 5 series has a new user interface as well. There are some major changes happening, and here are some of them.







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  1. Hi. We use Wiki as an Intranet at Aalto PRO. We have a slightly modified Aalto Intranet theme and one important macro Vintage link in use. How long a break we should expect please?

    1. Hi. The service brake for the update should be about 4 to 6 hours max. The Vintage link macro will work as usual after the update.