Blog from June, 2009

Spaces using Approvals workflow, should start using version 2.10 of this theme. Older version are not supported with the newer cores. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The old style classic theme is no longer supported. Spaces using this theme should fallback to the default theme.

Some restrictions are forced to accounts created to via public signup. Passwords must have 8 characters, and these must contain numbers and letters. Some validation is also applied to account names, e.g. one cannot create style accounts.

Gliffy plugin, more info

Confluence core has been upgraded to version 2.10.3 More info on changes, fixes and new features can be found
If anything broke, please send email to

HSE/TaiK/TKK Wiki will be upgraded to version 2.10 on monday 22 of June. Upgrade will start at 5 pm and is expected to last for and hour or two. Look for info on changes and cool new features from this admin blog.