Blog from July, 2008

TKK Wiki is now using the new service, which will replace the old service currently used for SSO by most TKK services.

So currently the SSO part of weblogin does not work, but nothing else should change. If you notice any errors with authentication, please report them to or

Attachment maximum size has been raised from 2 MB to 20 MB

The maximum size for a single attachment upload has been raised to 20 MB.

Before uploading large DOC and PPT files, please consider converting them to wiki pages or PDF files. This is a small task compared to the time saved for each person reading them!

Because disk space is limited, TKK wiki now enforces attachment quotas as follows:

  • Anonymous users 0 (zero) MB
  • Public accounts 50 MB
  • All HAKA users 100 MB
  • TKK students 100MB
  • TKK staff 200MB