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01. Studies

SpaceMasters' Degree Structure at School of Electrical Engineering

Official Degree Requirements for the Erasmus Mundus Master's Programme in Space Science and Technology 2017-2018

Official Degree Requirements for the Erasmus Mundus Master's Programme in Space Science and Technology 2018-2019

Degree structure in Aalto
Courses from UW30
Courses from Kiruna30
Aalto Major25
Aalto language courses5
Aalto Thesis30


Personal Study Plan

Please fill in your Personal Study Plan (HOPS in Finnish) using this form.

  • you can use only the first page, titled Major

Consult Pekka Forsman regarding the selection of courses. Once you have filled in your study plan, please return it to Annika Salama, at the Study office.

Major in Space Robotics and Automation, ELEC3047;   

Curriculum for  2018-2019  Round 13

Compulsory Courses (20 ECTS)

Major studies

  • ELEC-C1320   Robotics (Fall Periods I-II) 5 ECTS
  • ELEC-E8103   Modelling, Estimation and Dynamic Systems (Fall Period II) 5 ECTS
  • ELEC-E8001   Embedded real-time systems (Fall Periods I-II) 5 ECTS

Language studies

  • LC-7311          Finnish 1A (Fall Period I) 2 ECTS
  • LC-1320         Thesis Writing for Engineers (Spring Periods III-IV) 3 ECTS

Preliminary Study schedule for Fall of 2017  2018 will be updated soon

In addition, select 10 credits from Optional major courses (10-11 ECTS) 

Autumn periods:

  • LC-7009            Get to know Finland (Fall Periods I-II) 1 ECTS
  • ELEC-E8104     Stochastics models and Estimation (Fall Period I ) 5 ECTS
  • ELEC‐E8125     Reinforcement learning   (Fall Period I-II)      5 ECTS
  • KON-C2004      Mechatronics Basics (Fall Periods I-II) 5 ECTS
  • ELEC-E4130     Electromagnetic Fields (Fall Periods I-II) 5 ECTS
  • CS‐E4850         Computer Vision    (Fall Period I-II)     5 ECTS
  • ELEC-E4220     Space instrumentation   (Fall period I-II)        5 ECTS

Spring periods:

  • ELEC-E8111   Autonomous Mobile Robots (Spring period IV) 5 ECTS

  • ELEC-E8115   Micro and Nano Robotics (Spring periods III-IV) 5 ECTS

  • ELEC-E4210   Introduction to Space (Spring periods III-IV) 5 ECTS

  • ELEC‐E8126    Robotic Manipulation    (Spring periods III-IV) 5 ECTS

  • ELEC-E4240   Satellite Systems (Spring periods IV-V) 5 ECTS

  • ELEC-E4520   Space Physics (Spring periods IV-V) 5 ECTS

Freely elective:

  • LC-7009   Get to know Finland (Fall Periods I-II) 1 ECTS

Total ECTS number 30-31

Thesis work , January - August, Spring 2018, 30 credits.

Weekly course schedule

NOTE: The study schedule above is draft with the compulsory courses. Use this to do your own study schedule. Check for the groups for Finnish 1A to find the one suitable for you. Because of the timing of the lectures, not all course combinations may be feasible.

NOTE: Some of the elective courses take place during the spring period, in parallel with your Thesis work. The student needs to carefully consider which courses, if any, he/she is willing and capable of taking along with the Thesis research and writing. The academic coordinator at Aalto is available for councelling with the issue.

Follow the link mycourses, copy-paste the course code in 'search course' field, select 'course overview' on the left and then 'course description' in the middle of the screen .

Finnish Language

SpaceMaster program includes Finnish basic course Finnish 1A, and as an elective course an introduction to Finnish culture. ( Finnish students may continue some other foreign languages at advanced fifth level.

NOTE: Language classes usually get filled very quickly and you need to roll in via Internet-based WebOodi-system two weeks beforehand, preferably during first hours after opening the site.

English Language Support

The SpaceMaster programme includes the Thesis Writing for Engineers  -course given by an English teacher.


For every student the topic will be selected and modified individually considering the interests and background of the student. The topics will be available after student interviews in October-November. 

Examples from previous years' SpaceMaster Theses can be found behind the links 'Previous Years' -> (Select year) ->'Theses'.