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Social eMotions combines contemporary dance and movement science to highlight the social, dynamic and embodied aspects of emotions. The performance builds on the outcomes of an ongoing scientific and artistic study. The premiere will be at the OuDance festival in Oulu, Finland, in September 2016.

The entire performance consists of a ca. 14 minute duet for two dancers and two cellists (the duration changes depending on the emotions chosen by the audience) performed twice followed by a post-performance discussion. The emotional content of the choreography and the music is chosen by the audience through mobile application based multiple choice voting system. This creates a piece that is constantly changing and creating new meanings in each performance. The entire voting process is integrated into the piece. The performance also acts as a platform for generating more data for the scientific study.

Through the performance we would raise awareness of how dance can be used in fostering mutual understanding and building bridges across cultural and language barriers. The project highlights the high quality art and science collaborations undertaken in Finland and internationally.

The proposed points of view for the post-performance discussion:

  • Artistic (dancer / choreographer): How to express emotions through body movement, and how to communicate with co-performers and with the audience.
  • Social: How we communicate emotions knowingly and unknowingly to each other through our physical actions.
  • Scientific (especially movement science, psychology & neuroscience): What are the processes and mechanisms of empathy and emotional communication, and how can they be explored through research on dance & music.

Space requirement is minimum 8m x 8m black box with a good standard video projector.  Lighting requirements are minimal. There is only one static lighting situation. The piece can also be performed in ambient light in a public space with a projector or very large operable screen and PA system suitable for the space. In small to medium sized theatre spaces the piece is performed acoustically.

For more info about the work, the estimated costs of the performance, etc. please contact Jarkko Lehmus.

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