Our annual demo day will be held on May 26th, 2016. This event is jointly organized by the Secure Systems Group at Aalto University and the University of Helsinki. The demo day provides an opportunity to present our work and seek valuable inputs from external visitors. This is a public event and we welcome your attendance. But we ask you to register for the event.

Below is the program (pdfs of posters will be updated as they become available; so please check back). You can also browse the program from last year.


Registration Form

Venue and Date

Date: 26 May 2016

Time: 12:15 - 16:00

Location: T-Building, Konemiehentie 2, Espoo



 PresenterTitle Additional Info

12:15-13:15 Welcome and Overview

(Lecture Hall T2, ground floor; after entering the T-building, the first door immediately on your left)

N. Asokan, Valtteri Niemi, Tuomas Aura"State of the Union" and demo teasers slides

13:15 - 16:00 Demos and Posters

(Library, ground floor)

PresenterTitleResearch Program Additional Info
 Mika Juuti

Relay Resilient Zero-Effort Authentication using Sensor Measurements

ConSec  Poster. Link to project page.
 Giovanni ArmanoReal-Time Client-Side Phishing Prevention Add-onICRI-SC and Contextual Security (ConSec)

Demo and poster. Link to project page.

 Elena ReshetovaRandomization Can’t Stop BPF JIT SprayIntel Collaborative Research Institute for Secure Computing (ICRI-SC)

Demo and poster. Link to project page.

 Thomas NymanC-FLAT: Control Flow Attestation for Embedded Systems SoftwareICRI-SC (Platform Security)Demo and poster.
 Samuel MarchalRisk Engine for User Behaviour Analytics (UBA)ICRI-SCPoster.
 Filippo Bonazzi

Improving SEAndroid policies: SELint

Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Secure Computing (ICRI-SC)Demo and poster. Link to project page.
 Hien TruongCo-presence Detection using Room Impulse ResponseSWEN (ICRI-SC)Demo and poster.
 Andrew PaverdOmniShare: Encrypted cloud storage for all your devicesICRI-SC and Cloud Security Services (CloSe)Demo and poster. Link to project page.
 Sandeep TamrakarScalable Private Membership Test Using Trusted Hardware: Intel SGX and ARM TrustZoneICRI-SC and CloSe 

Demo and poster. Link to project page.

 Sara RamezanianPrivate Membership Test with Fully Homomorphic EncryptionCloSe Demo and poster. Link to project page.
 Rui YangJava API for Trusted Execution EnvironmentOpen-TEE (Platform Security)Demo and poster. Link to project page.

Jian Liu

Applications on Blockchains: Promise and LimitsNew directionsPoster.
 César PereidaLet Me CFLUSH Your Cache: Cache-Timing AttacksTEKES CyberTrustPoster.

Debopam Bhattacherjee

Detection of Stepping Stones in SDN and NFV

TEKES CyberTrust


 Alberto Geniola, Markku AntikainenArchitecture for analysing Potentially Unwanted ProgramsTEKES CyberTrustPoster.
 Siddharth RaoCellular location tracking attacks using signaling protocolsTEKES CyberTrustPoster.
 Andi BidajSecurity testing SDN controllersTEKES CyberTrustPoster.

Visitor demos

 Sohaib ul Hassan (TUT)EM side channel Analysis on Complex SoC ArchitecturesTEKES Hardware Rooted Security (TUT)Demo and poster.

Le Ngu Nguyen (Aalto Comnet)

User authentication based on egocentric vision

Aalto Ambient Intelligence Group (Comnet)

Demo and poster.
15:00Deans/HeadsJoint AnnouncementAalto University and University of Helsinki





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