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This is the wiki space of the Secure Systems group at Aalto University. Group members can access Internal Wiki Pages (Login required using the "Login" button at the top right corner of this page).

We're part of the Helsinki-Aalto Center for Information Security (HAIC). We also participate in the Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Secure Computing (ICRI-SC).



Our research mission is finding out how to make it possible to build systems that are simultaneously easy-to-use and inexpensive to deploy, while still guaranteeing sufficient protection? Here is a one-slide executive summary of our work.

Our group is led by Prof. N. Asokan (overview of current research) and Prof. Tuomas Aura.

A list of current and past research projects we're involved in can be found here.

The "state of the union" presentations from our annual demo day events give an overview of our research.

Weekly Group meetings

Secure Systems Group meetings are open to anyone interested. We expect to have

  • Dry runs of conference talks to be made by participants
  • Reading group presentations: Participants take turn in selecting a paper from a recent top-tier security venue that interests them and present it to the others at the meeting.  Presenters are encouraged to announce their reading group talks as early as possible so that others interested could read the paper as well. Participants can reserve their presentation topic from Presentation Planning: Spring 2018 (Login Required).
  • Guest talks by visitors

If anybody is interested in presenting a topic during the group meeting please contact Niina Idänheimo

Our blog

Photo Album

Upcoming events

To add or update an event contact Niina Idänheimo

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