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Solution consultation helps customer find the right solution for their needs

Solution consultation can be thought of as "Solution assessment-as-a-Service". It starts with understanding the customer needs, followed by assessing and defining the solution options. The solution options are evaluated both from a business, technical and operational viewpoint. The deliverable is typically documented in a decision material PPT format. Solution consultation can also help customer to quickly validate their concepts or ideas by creating a PoC of the solution. Solution consultation is provided during the pre-study phase of the project and is usually a focused and short exercise ranging from 3-6 weeks. Service is delivered by ITS Development function in close co-operation with customers and solution experts.

Customer benefits

  • Customer can focus on the business need, not the solution
  • Helps customer define and select the best solution, ensuring solution is future-proof, scalable and cost-efficient
  • Solution consultation creates decision material for the customer, so that customer can make the right decision about the solution and next steps
  • Customer can validate the idea/concept by developing a Proof-of-Concept

Need for solution planning, assessment or study?

If you have new ideas and needs that could be suitable for solution consultation we are willing to help you. Please contact Solution consultation team by filling in the service request form and we will get back to you.

Ways of working

The focus of solution assessment is agreed with customer to match customer needs but Solution consultation typically consist of following phases:

  • Customer contacts solution consultation service
  • Arrange Kick-off meeting
    • Kick-off meeting to discuss and agree customer need and scope for the solution consultation work
    • Business need and requirements for the solution are refined and summarized
  • Solution assessment phase
    • Solution alternatives are assessed and compared from different aspects, such as business, technical, architecture, costs and operational feasibility
    • Depending on the context this may include solutions and technologies on the market, existing Aalto systems and services or defining a custom solution
    • Solution recommendations and conclusion
    • Regular checkpoints if needed
  • Results review meeting

    • Results are presented to customer and other necessary stakeholders

    • Agree next steps and make necessary decisions

If you want more information you can take a look at the service slides below

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