This page contains general instructions regarding programming assignments. The assignments themselves will also be published here in due time.

If you're new to Android development, please read Getting started with the Android Developer Tools (Android 5.1).

Programming Assignment Submission

  • Programming assignments or the written survey account for 30% (tentative) of the final grade (estimated time use: ca. 40 hours total).
    • First assignment not graded, but completing first assignment is required to continue with the programming assignments.
    • Remaining assignments graded 0-5.
    • You must submit a solution to each assignment.
  • Follow the code style guidelines for Android contributors.
  • Solutions are submitted through MyCourses..
    • Submissions are due at 23.55 on the date indicated for each exercise in the table above.
    • Late submissions are not accepted.
    • Submit a single ZIP archive, with a name of the form mss-as<assignment number>_<firstname>-<lastname>.zip
    • The submission should contain all source code in a single Android Studio project needed to build the solution.
    • Include a README file in the root of the archive, which documents any shortcomings or issues you encountered.
    • Do not include the following files or directories of each project in the submission:

      • .gradle


      • .idea/workspace.xml

      • .idea/libraries

      • build

    • The submitted solution should build cleanly. Solutions which do not build are graded 0 automatically!

Additional Resources

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