Share your lecture videos with course students

Need a simple and fast way to share videos to your course students from Panopto?

  1. Go to MyCourses course page
  2. Create a block and Provision a folder for course
  3. upload videos / record videos with Panopto application into course folder. No special sharing settings needed for students to view

Step by step Instructions

Turn editing on -> click Blocks on the right-side panel -> choose Panopto from the list. 
 shows up on the right-side panel. Next, it has to be provisioned. Click
 Provision Course, return to course page and block should be like (image 2).

Now you can add videos to this folder and links to videos are available to students in this block on course page.

(To move a video from My Folder to the course folder in Panopto: on the video, click Settings - Session information - Folder, Edit and find the right Folder.)

Creating videos to Panopto and embedding them to MyCourses pages

To create Panopto recordings, you need to install Panopto Recorder Client on your device. See instructions here.

See instructions for Panopto service in Panopto help.

see also Panopto instructions Embed Panopto materials on MyCourses

More info and help

Panopto help