NOTICE: The teacher needs to open and save the course syllabus page before the information is shown.

The course syllabus is a structured page in the MyCourses workspace where the teacher can give additional information about a course before it starts.

MyCourses users can find syllabus information in the upper right corner of a workspace. To edit the syllabus, click the Edit button and fill in the form. 

Syllabus button

  1. To edit the syllabus, Click Edit button (see image above).

    If you can not see the Edit button
    make sure that:
    1. You are logged in
    2. You have a Teacher role in the course space
    3. The course space was created based on Sisu information.

  1. Fill in the form and update the syllabus. The course syllabus will be visible on the course page to all users and it can be viewed in MyCourses search results.

Instructions for writing

Instructions for writing a course description and syllabus

If you want to add information about a retake possibility, you can write it, for instance, on the "Elaboration of the evaluation criteria and methods, and acquainting students with the evaluation " or  "Details on the schedule" fields.