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see detail information in SISU help

Export grades from MyCourses

This exporter creates a CSV file that helps teachers upload final grades to Sisu. Exporter generates file that has field for firstname, lastname, student number, final grade, gredits, assesment day, completion language and comment field.

Notice! Sisu will need all there fields when grades are imported. 
Column names in CSV file are named based on Sisu requirements. Please do not change names or remove any columns from generated file. 

Goto course space and select Grades → Export → Sisu CSV export

What teacher need to fill?

  1. Select one grade item that contain course final grade. Typically item is "Course total". If you use scale fail / pass as course final grade please set Gradebook Course total to use this scale before exporting. 
  2. Set how many credits students will get. This will be printed for all students. If you are giving different amount of credits to student in course please set most used and change the rest in CSV file before importing it to SIsu
  3. Select completion language. If there are multiple languages used in course, please selec most used and change to CSV file as needed (fi, en, sv)
  4. Download and open CSV file to Exel or other software. Remove students that do not have final grade or have - as a grade. Sisu will not except file if grade is not available for all students in file. 

Notice that you can generate csv file as many times as needed. 

Using pass / fail scale 

instructions not ready yet

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