Export grades from MyCourses

This exporter creates a CSV file that helps teachers upload the final grades to Sisu. The exporter generates a file that has fields for the first name, last name, student number, final grade, credits, assessment day, completion language and a comment field.

Note! Column names in the CSV file are named based on Sisu requirements. Do not change the names or remove any columns from the generated file. 

For more details about Sisu requirements see the Sisu help: Assessment of implementations

Creating a CSV file in MyCourses

Go to the course space and select Grades → Export → Sisu CSV export

See quick video

What does the teacher need to fill?

  1. Select one grade item that contains the course final grade. Typically the item is "Course total". If you use the scale fail/pass as the course final grade, set the Gradebook Course total to use this scale before exporting. 
  2. Set how many credits students will get. This will be printed for all students. If you give a different amount of credits to students in the course, set the most used and change the rest in the CSV file before importing it to Sisu.
  3. Select the completion language. If there are multiple languages used in the course, select the most used, and change the language in the CSV file as needed.
  4. Download and open the CSV file in Excel or some other text editing software. Make needed changes and save as csv file.  

Note that you can generate the CSV file as many times as needed. 

If you have difficulties with accented characters (ä, å, ö) whiile opening csv-file please see how to open utf-8 file to Exel (https://www.accompa.com/kb/answer.html?answer_id=264)

How to use pass/fail scale (hyv. / hyl.)

If you need to make csv file with Fail - Pass or in finnish Hyv. - Hyl. scales teacher can set up final grade to print this information to students and then just export needed file for SISU. Notice! it is important that you use right format when importing scales into SISU. Examples. Hyv. Hyl. Pass Fail are correct. Use dot (.) after Hyv. and Hyl.

  1. Create Letter scale that has values for passed (Hyv.) and Fail (Hyl.) grades.
    a. Goto gradedook → Letters → edit
    b. Grade letter 1 → change A to Pass or Hyv. and set the % for passing the course. 60% if student should get 60% of points to pass course
    c. Grade letter 2 → change to Fail or Hyl. and set % to 0 if student is fail until get 60% of points

    Set up letters view
  2. Save changes and you should see the scales used in to use letters.
     Grade letter view
  3. Now you can use Letters when export grades. If you want to show letters to student see you can set final grade (course total) to show letters (see Optional settings) but if you just need to export list with letter you can go to Gradebook -> Export→ Sisu CSV export.
    a. check Course total, give course credits, select language and assesment date. Open Export format options and select Letter and Uncheck Real.
    b. download file and grades should be in format you set up in grade letters.
  4. Optional settings
    Showing letters to students in grade book you can set grade total to show Letters.

    a. Open Gradebook Setup → find course total category Edit → Edit settings (see image below)

    b. open Category total → Show more → change Grade display type → Letter, Letter (percentage) or Letter (real)

    c. save changes and see results in gradebook → grader report → course total. Notice that if you select Letter (real) in course total system show the letter and points that is has counted. This is good way to see how calculated points meet the letters.
    Grades letter view

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