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What is completion progress and tracking?

With MyCourses completion progress system teacher have a clear view to students progress in course space. In single object completion can be simply yes or no (done or not done). In different objects teacher can define how object is done. In simplest object like pdf document progress can be done when student open file. In assignment or other activities tracking can be set to track uploading a file or points received. 

With completion progress info teacher also indicate to students what tasks are expected to do and in what order. Teacher can quickly see if student has missed deadline or have not read a content as expected. Progress can be tracked in all activities and recourses.  

Full info on activity completion:

What is course completion? More info:

Course space views fir students and teachers

Completion progress bar is shown in course space when any activity in course space has completion setting activated.
Completion progress block is in course space by default but shown to students only if course space has objects that have completion progress set.

completion progress bar

Overview of students in course space

overview of students in progress bar

Teacher can see a list of students and students progress. Green completed, Blue upcoming not completed, Yellow submitted but not complete, Red not-complete

Activating completion tracking in course space

To get completion progress to work in course page there needs to be two things active. 

  1. Course level Completion tracking on. By default completion tracking is active but if error is displayed teacher can activate Completion tracking in course space settings (course front-page→gear icon top right corner→ edit settings → Completion tracking → Yes). 
  2. Activity completion is set in activity settings page. Teacher can set completion when creating an activity of resource or you can set completion settings in multiple activities in one go (see "Changing activity completion settings in bulk") 

With bulk activity completion settings edit page you can set quickly tracking for multiple activities in workspace.

Quick video example

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Go to your course space and click Turn editing on 
  2. On Quick links panel, click Edit course completion settings
     teachers quick links
  3. See tab Bulk edit activities to see a list of your activities. 
  4. Select activities you wish to bulk edit (eg all the assignments).
  5. Click Edit on top (of bottom) of the list to open the settings.
  6. Depending on the type of activity, there are different completion requirements. 
    Choose the completion tracking method: manual (students tick a box on the workspace when they are ready) or with condition(s); activity is marked as completed when conditions are met.
    bulk settings for activity completion

  7. Repeat steps 3-6 if changes needed (can be also used to remove settings).