MyCourses workspaces are open access by default.

The user must have a role in a workspace in order to participate in activities (discussions, assignments).

Roles in a MyCourses workspace are usually Sisu-based (i.e., automatic). Roles can be assigned also manually or, in some cases, by self-enrolment. More info on enrolment.

Teachers can see Participants listed, along with their roles, groups they belong to, and last access time.

Access to workspaces can be restricted (Read more).


  • A guest is a non-logged-in user.
  • A guest has no role in a workspace.
  • By default, guests have a read-only access to workspaces.

Aalto / HAKA logged-in user

  • An Aalto or a HAKA-logged-in user has access to all workspaces and to non-restricted materials.

MyCourses workspace roles


  • A student can participate in activities, such as submitting assignments and taking part in discussions.
  • The student role becomes suspended if the student has canceled his/her registration to the course after the registration time has ended or drops the course in Sisu.


  • A teacher can edit the workspace and give grades to submitted coursework.
  • The teacher´s role is based on his or her course roles in Sisu (Responsible persons: responsible teacher or teacher).

Teacher (MC)

  • The same role as a teacher, but added manually in Mycourses.
  • Teacher (MC) can edit the workspace and give grades to submitted coursework.

Non-editing teacher

  • In this role, the teacher can grade assignments but cannot edit the workspace. The role can be added to MyCourses.

Workspace assistant

  • This role is like that of a teacher, but the workspace assistant's name is not visible to students.
  • The workspace assistant´s role is based on the course role in Sisu (Administrative person/hallintohenkilö).

Category assistant

  • A category assistant has editing access to all category courses (at the school or department level).
  • The role is granted on request by a school or department leader (more information in Finnish). The role is intended for service personnel who may be responsible for supporting course activities.

External (not HAKA or Aalto) users are not allowed to have a role in MyCourses workspace.
Faculty members, who wish to invite, for example, their foreign colleagues to the workspace, can request a 
Visitor Account for them. Contact your school HR person.