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As a default, MyCourses is open to guests (i.e. to non-logged-in users).

You can restrict access to the workspace to logged-in-users (Aalto/Haka) only.

You can restrict access to a section (except to the front page) or to a resource (e.g. a folder).

How to restrict access to a section, resource or an activity

Open the section → Editing mode on → Edit  → Edit section name and summary → Restrict access → Add restriction → Choose to restrict by:

  • Activity completion (before you can use this, the activity completion activity must be activated via Quick links panel).
  • Date
  • Grade
  • Group (You must have groups created before you can use this)
  • Grouping (You must have groups and groupings created before you can use this)
  • Role (With Student-role, you can restrict access to your course students only)
  • User Profile (e.g. restrict to only emails containing
  • Restriction set (add a set of nested restrictions to apply complex logic, e.g. group + date

How to limit resource visibility to course members only

  • Open the resource → Edit settings → Restrict access → Add restriction → Role → Student

    Note: With this restriction, teachers and assistant can still see everything in the workspace.

After you have restricted access to an object, users can see an info text.