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MyCourses track and saves user data in logs. Teacher is allowed to see logs that that are related to his or her own course space. Logs can be helpful when there is a need for making sure who has done what in course space.

View logs
Go to course main page → open dropdown menu from top right corner → select More → click Logs


Turn editing on → in Quick menu click Course administration


if needed teacher can create report view based on Logs. This is helpful when teacher has need to follow overall changes in course. This report view can be created by adding Gizmo block on course page. After block has been added it will create visual report based on logs. Report will be updated nightly. Notice! also first report view is created during following night the block has been added.

Adding Gizmo report view on course space

  1. Turn editing on
  2. click Add a block (left menu)
  3. select Gizmo

Selected block will appear on right side of the course page. Gizmo block will create report and a link to report during night.