Course activity reports for teachers and students -Teacher metrics and Learner metrics
 Available for students and teacher Autumn 2022 

Teacher metrics  –course activity reporting tool available in MyCourses 

MyCourses has a new Teacher metrics tool available (19.4.2022) for teachers. The functionalities can be found from the MyCourses menu on the left as Teacher metrics. The purpose of the tool is to provide support for the teacher for monitoring course activities and developing courses. The students will get access to Learner metrics in MyCourses to help them monitor their own activities on courses and view upcoming course assignments. All metrics are based on MyCourses course log data, and no data will be transferred outside MyCourses. 

Teacher metrics will be developed further according to feedback from users. 

How do I as a teacher ensure that Teacher metrics gets the relevant course data from MyCourses? 

In order for Teacher metrics (and Learner metrics for students) to produce relevant information about course activities, some actions must be taken in the MyCourses workspace to make the data available. The following requirements must be met: 

  • Course workspace must have enough tracked activities.
  • Completion tracking must be on
  • Activity tracking must be activated for the relevant to-be-tracked activities (Course completion settings)
  • Decisions must be made on which activities (for example submitted assignments) are evaluated and what grading is used
  • Instructions to above mentioned MyCourses-settings in
  • Note: If Teacher metrics seems to have incomplete information concerning the previous courses, Completion tracking in MyCourses has not been activated 

Teacher metrics: contents and instructions 

General structure and contents 

Teacher metrics can be found from the MyCourses menu on the left.
It contains three views: Dashboard, Courses and Reports. 

  • On the Dashboard view the graph “Overview” shows information about ongoing and previous courses.
    The dashboard also provides information about course assignments, grade progress, time spent on different course activities and the average current grade for a selected course. (Picture 1.) 
  • Courses-view shows information about the current status of students and activities. 
  • Reports –view provides additional information in separate reports.
  • The different views are explained in more detail below. If you want further information, instructions can be found from the Intelliboard-pages.
    Intelliboard is an plug-in analytics tool for MyCourses, and it produces the Teacher metrics (note that Intelliboard calls the same tool Instructor dashboard). 

Picture 1.

Detailed contents for the different views 


  • Dashboard Overview (Picture 1) shows as graphs Learner progress, Grade progress, Activity progress and Course overview
  • Correlations & Learner Engagement correlation graph shows the relationship between the average grade for the course against learner total time spent.  
  • Event Utilization, Activity utilization and Topic utilization pie charts (Picture 2) display the amount of time your learners are spending in your courses, course activities or course topics, during a selected time period
  • Graded Activities Overview bar graph (Picture 3) displays average grades of activities in the selected course 

Picture 2.

Picture 3.

Courses-view shows the following information by teacher's all courses (Picture 4 and 5)

  • Course Name: The course name as entered in MyCourses; clicking the hyperlink will open the course in MyCourses
  • Enrolled/Completed Learners: The first number is the number of learners in the associated course; the second number is the number of complete learners in the associated course.  The blue bar is a graphical representation of completed learners.  
  • Course Average Grade: The average grade of all learners in the associated course
  • Activities/Resources: The number of activities and resources in the associated course
  • Visits: The total number of visits (mouse clicks) by learners to the associated course
  • Time Spent: The total amount of time learners spent in the associated course (hh:mm:ss; hours: minutes: seconds)
  • Average Visits Per Student: The average visits (mouse clicks) by learners to the associated course
  • Average Time Spent Per Student: The average amount of time learners spent in the associated course (hh:mm:ss; hours: minutes: seconds)
  • Actions: Click the "Learners" or "Activities" Button for additional information.
  • Learners-button  gives information about individual students:  
    • Learner Name: The learner name as entered in MyCourses
    • Email Address: The learner's email address as entered in MyCourses
    • Enrolled: The date the learner was enrolled in the course
    • Last Access: The date the learner last accessed the course
    • Grade: The learner's current grade in the course
    • Completed Activities/Resources: The number of activities/resource the learner has completed
    • Visits: The number of times the learner has been to the course
    • Time Spent: The time the learner spent in the course (hh:mm:ss; hours: minutes: seconds)
    • Average Visits Per Student: The average visits (mouse clicks) by learners to the associated course
    • Average Time Spent Per Student: The average amount of time learners spent in the associated course (hh:mm:ss; hours: minutes: seconds)
    • Activities-button gives specific information about the course activities
    • Actions: Click “Activities”-button for additional information about activities of a specific course
    • Actions: Click then "Grades" -button for information about individual students and activities 

Picture 4.

Picture 5.

Reports-view provides additional information in separate reports. The reports current in use at Aalto University: (links to further instructions in Intelliboard) 

Activity Grades with Dates: report displays individual learners’ grades on specific activities with selected courses.
Activity Stats Summary: displays cumulative data for each activity used within a course.  
Assignments Graded by Instructor: displays user grades by assignments with the instructor name who has graded. 
Course Content Utilization:  duration of time learners spend on specific course content / events / activities. 
Course Inactivity: Courses listed in the Course Inactivity report, no learner activity within specified date range
Learner forum participation summary: displays forum activity, time of day
Learner Success and Progress: report shows the progress accumulated in the course by the student and can be filtered by grade. This report is used to identify at-risk learners. (Picture 6.)
Needs Grading: report displays activities that learners have submitted that still need grading in the LMS system. 
User Access Analytic:  displays when courses are used within the user-selected date range. Data is shown for each day of the week for the selected roles. 

Picture 7.

See video how teacher can edit MyCourses -settings in order to ensure completion progress tracking, to be also used by Intelliboard (which produces Teacher metrics and Learner metrics)
Completion progress in MyCourses

Instructions for teacher to ensure data from MyCourses -course activity to be used in Teacher metrics and Learner metrics:
Setting up activity completion progress 

For teacher's knowledge: Instructions for students:
Learner metrics 


MyCourses track and saves user data in logs. Teacher is allowed to see logs that that are related to his or her own course space. Logs can be helpful when there is a need for making sure who has done what in course space.

View logs
Go to course main page → open dropdown menu from top right corner → select More → click Logs


Turn editing on → in Quick menu click Course administration


if needed teacher can create report view based on Logs. This is helpful when teacher has need to follow overall changes in course. This report view can be created by adding Gizmo block on course page. After block has been added it will create visual report based on logs. Report will be updated nightly. Notice! also first report view is created during following night the block has been added.

Adding Gizmo report view on course space

  1. Turn editing on
  2. click Add a block (left menu)
  3. select Gizmo

Selected block will appear on right side of the course page. Gizmo block will create report and a link to report during night.