Feedback activity is for asking questions (feedback). You can use it anonymously or with names

Results can be shown to all participants or can be restricted to teacher only.

There are several question types: multiple choice, yes/no or text input

Use for: collecting feedback after a lesson,  ask if something was difficult etc



With a questionnaire activity, teacher can create a survey and collect data from students, anonymously or with names.

Many types of questions: scales, multiple choice, radio buttons, yes/no, text box etc. Result can be shown to all participants (statistics).  

It can be answered once or several times, students can see all their answers.

Use for: a survey in the beginning and in the end of the course



The Choice activity allows you to ask a question and set up radio buttons which learners can click to make a selection from a number of possible responses. They can choose one or more option and they can update their selection if you allow them. Choices can be useful as quick poll to stimulate thinking about a topic; to allow the class to vote on a direction for the course, or to gauge progress.

Course Diaries

Aalto University Course Diaries (AaltoCourseDiaries, AaltoCD or ACD) lists your current courses at Aalto University and functions as a personal learning diary with sharing functionality. With this application, individual learning processes can be seen as shared experiences, promoting more openness in feedback dialogues and self-monitoring tasks as well as furthering overall student wellbeing.

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Open Teachers manual from (pdf)


Support is available through MyTeaching Support form.