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When you click Participants on the left navigation bar, you can see list of all enrolled users in your course.

Students have no access to participants list.

participant list

You can see list of students with student numbers and email addresses, roles and group memberships and time of last access to course.

You can filter students by name, role, status, activity or enrollment method.

An inactive or suspending student is a student who has no access to workspace in a student role; he/she has cancelled or archived the course in Oodi or the status in Oodi course list is rejected

Suspended (inactive) students

Suspended user

In participants list, some students´ status can be Suspended, inactive, because

            • the student has cancelled or archived the course registration in Oodi, or 
            • the course registration is rejected by the teacher.

Inactive students have no longer access to the course workspace as students: they can´t  participate in course activities and get no announcements.

You can remove the student (click X) or ask him/her to activate the course again in Oodi, if needed.

How to get a list of participants?

In some cases, you may need an Excel list of your participants. 

Open Grades on the left navigation to see Grader report. Click Export. Choose the file type and grade items to be included, if any. Download.

Grading list

External Users and visitors

External (not HAKA or Aalto users) workspace members are not allowed in MyCourses. Faculty members, who wish to invite for example their foreign colleagues to the workspace, can request a Visitor Account for the visitor. More information (requires aalto-login).

Note! participant lists must be handled with extra care and destroyed when no longer needed.