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MyCourses instructions for Aalto users


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Making groups and group assignments work in MyCourses

Using small groups and group assignments in online teaching is a great way to achieve good learning outcomes, reduce dropout and improve retention. To get the group assignments work in MyCourses

Caption your videos automatically with Panopto

Did you know that every video uploaded into Panopto (whether it was created with Panopto or not) is machine-transcribed using ASR (automatic speech recognition technology) and thus making your videos

Examples to make final grading easier in MyCourses


Watch the webinar recording

Are you wondering how to construct and design your own grading strategy for upcoming courses? The

See your Zoom participants and chat while sharing presentation

Have you ever said the phrase “I cannot see your raised hands or the chat while I share my presentation” while teaching in Zoom and using PowerPoint simultaneously?


Guidelines and recommendations for hybrid classroom teaching available

Do you wish to provide a choice for the students to join your teaching either on-site or online? Give them an opportunity to have campus experience or the flexibility of remote

Record Panopto videos with any computer using Panopto Capture

Did you know that Panopto Capture allows everyone at Aalto to easily record audio, video, and screens or applications directly within their browser instead of downloading the desktop application.

Luentojen tallentamisen periaatteet in action

Syksyllä 2020 julkaistiin Aalto-yliopiston periaatteet luentojen tallentamisesta (linkki periaatteisiin), mitä nämä periaatteet sitten oikeastaan tarkoittavat opettajalle tai opiskelijalle?

Periaatteet koskevat yliopiston tiloissa tai verkossa toteutettavien

With a little help from a friend

Some surveys conducted during the pandemic have highlighted the decreased social support of university students in Finland. For example, Sarasjärvi & Vuolanto (2021), who studied the well-being of 1064 university students

Anonymous grading in Turnitin

Did you know that you can grade Turnitin assignments anonymously? It’s easy to use, and by using it, you practically eliminate any personal bias that may occur during subjective grading of

MyCourses grade calculations

Do you need to calculate course or category grades according to a certain criteria in MyCourses and cannot find a suitable calculation method in grade settings? MyCourses has the possibility to

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