Teacher can import any grades to gradebook if needed. It is recommended that all course grades are available for students in course gradebook. In most cases grading is done in activity but if teacher is grading something that does not have activity in MyCourses grading needs to be done to grade item without activity. Teacher can update any grade item grades by hand in the gradebook or grades can be uploaded with csv file. 

Best way to create a Exel or CSV file for grades is to export grades to file and use that file to add needed grades. Please notice that this kind of files should be handle carefully only on university computers and files should be deleted after there is need for it. Read also Data protection instructions for teachers

Creating a grade item in to the gradebook without activity

  1. Open Grades on course navigation on the course main page. Then select Grader report → Gradebook setup
    Gradebook setup selection menu
  2. Click Add grade item
  3. Give the item a name and set grade and other needed settings. Save changes
  4. Now you should see the item on Gradebook setup view and Grader report view as a column.

Import grades to gradebook with CSV file

  1. Open Grades on course navigation. Select Grader report → Import
  2. Select import method Csv file, Paste from spreadsheet, XML file

  3. Upload your file and select encoding and separator.
  4. Click Upload grades
  5. Before actual import teacher will see a preview window where you can check if system reads the CSV file right way. Example below shows that CSV file has colum names on first row and values on second row.
  6. If preview does not shows data structure right you need to check either structure itself or you can try different Separator (go back to step 2 and select separator).
  7. If preview seems to be ok the final step is to map the data in CSV file with Gradebook structure.
    1. Idetify user by means that during import system reads a line from CSV file as data that is mapped to person in gradebook. We recommend to use Map from (in CSV file) → Email address and Map to Email address. System will try to find field email address from CSV file and check if gradebook  line has the same value.
    2. Grade item mappings map the grade item you want to import with gradebook item name. Notice that even you have multiple grade items in CSV file you do not hove to import all of them at once. You will see all CSV file colums listed on left and just select grade items you want to import to from drop down menu next to it. If you do not want to import value leave drop down menu to Ignore. Only mapped fields are imported. Good naming of columns help the import process. Keep names the same in CSV file and gradebook grade items if possible. 

      image of preview and mapping page:
  8. Click Upload grades and your grades will be uploaded and you should see grades in gradebook.

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