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If you need just simple folder for sharing videos to for your students in course please check how to Provision course

Recording videos with Panopto: 

Integrating Panopto folder to MyCourses:

1. Teacher “Adds a folder” in  

  • Folder settings →  Share →  Specific people →  course participants can create, publish and view 

2. In MyCourses: “Add a block” (in left panel) →  Panopto 

3. Click "Provision course" in the Panopto block (right side of the page) → click "back to course"

Panopto provision block

4. Click the icon in Panopto block 

→ Configure Panopto block: Select an existing Panopto folder that is not currently mapped to another course: choose the folder you added (see step 1 above)

5. Within the "Configure Panopto block": Change Panopto Role Mappings: select "student" as both creator and publisher. (see picture below)

Panopto role mapping in MyCourses

Ensuring only course participants can see the student videos in MyCourses:

Click the icon in Panopto block →  Permissions →  “View block” → 

  • “Guest (not logged in user)”: remove guests right to view the Panopto block videos by clicking “x”  
  • "Authenticated user (Aalto/Haka user)": remove right to view the Panopto block videos by clicking “x” 

As a result, only course participants can see student videos.   

Block permission view