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Add a Turnitin assignment with the following settings:  

  • Name

  • Description

    • guide and inform students with the following advice:

      • A representative of each group submits their group work (all versions). 

      • It is good to submit a draft version in order to get a Turnitin similarity report about it a day before the due date of the final version at the latest. A representative can view and share a similarity report to the rest of a group. The group interprets the report and corrects possible wrong similarities in the draft before submitting the final version.

      • Submissions are copied into Turnitin student papers repository, so that they are protected against plagiarism by others in future, and the submissions are compared against each other.

  • Number of parts = 2

  • Grade: Maximum grade = 5 (if a scale of a group assignment is 0-5) 

  • Assignment Part 1: Name = Draft version, Due Date (= 1 day before is recommended or at the same time as the final version) , Assessment available (=the same time as the Start date), Maximum mark = 0 (if the draft is not graded)

  • Assignment Part 2Name = Final version, Due Date, Assessment available, Maximum mark = 5  (if the scale of the group assignment is 0-5) 

  • Originality Report Options: Store Student Papers = Standard Repository 

  • Common module settings: Group mode = Separate groups (precondition: groups exist in the workspace) 

After the due date of the Final version, open a first submission by clicking its name. Turnitin feedback studio opens in a new window. Read a submission and interpret its similarity report at the same time. Give a mark for it on the top bar of Feedback studio. Handle the next submission by clicking an arrow to the right on the top bar.  

Go back to the submission inbox in MyCourses and give marks for the other group members: 

  • Select a group in Separate groups dropdown menu 

  • Give the mark for the rest of the group members by clicking a pencil icon in Grade column 

A student sees his/her mark both in the assignment inbox and in Grades view in MyCourses. 

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