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Student and teacher roles in a MyCourses workspace are Sisu-based, manually added or self-enrolled.

Teachers can see the Participants list, with information about the participants´ roles, groups and last access time.

More info on roles

Sisu-based user roles

In general, user roles should be administered in Sisu. 

After students have registered for the course in Sisu, they can access the course workspace in a Student role. 

In addition, the member lists of all MyCourses workspaces are synchronised multiple times every hour. This means that if a user is added to a course in Sisu, he/she will be added to the MyCourses workspace during next 15 minutes. Notice that Sisu has two different methods to add registered students in course. Standard enrolment and Enrolment with direct confirmation. When course is using Standard enrolment confirmed no students are added to MyCourses course space before enrolment period has ended. Make sure in Sisu if Teacher needs to do confirmation. 

Self enrolment

There is generally no need to use self-enrollment feature, because students and teachers get roles based on Oodi information. In some cases the teacher may wish to manually add persons to the course site and assign different user roles to them.

In MyCourses self enrolment method Teacher set up a key (password) for enrolment and student can enrol in course space with student role if he/she has the Key. See more

Adding members manually

You can add members to your workspace manually as follows:

  • Choose Participants on the left side of the workspace Click Enrol users Choose the role (student/teacher), search the person and select the right one → click Enrol users again 
  • You can also find Participants list via Quick links when editing mode is turned on.

Participant list on course page (for teachers):

Navigation participant list

Participant list:

Participant list

Participant manual enrolment:

Enrol modal

Users, including HAKA-users, must log in to MyCourses at least once before they can can be enrolled in a course workspace.

You may also change a participant's role in the Roles -column and clicking the plus (plus) - -icon.


In self-assigned roles (called "self-enrolment" in MyCourses), students get access to a workspace by using an enrolment key (i.e. enrolment code or password given by a teacher). The group enrolment key also gives students group membership in a workspace. Time-based limitations can be set.

Self-enrolment is used in workspaces with no Oodi-integration. See video or full instructions: