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With completion progress you can track students progress on your course. It creates a “to do list” for students to show all the chosen activities and resources as completed or not yet completed, changing the color of the block.

Activity completion can be set in each activity or resource separately or in bulk. Tracking can be automatic based on your settings or students can mark manually. 

A student can see his/her own progress bar.

Changing activity completion settings in bulk 

With bulk editing you can set criterias for activities which are already set on the workspace.

First, click Turn editing on - on Quick links panel, click Edit course completion settings


Choose Bulk edit activities to see a list of your activities. 

Select the activities you wish to bulk edit (eg all the assignments). Then click Edit on top of the list to open the settings.

Depending on the type of activity, there are different completion requirements. 

Choose the completion tracking method: manual (students tick a box on the workspace when they are ready) or with condition(s); activity is marked as completed when conditions are met. 

After that, choose other type of activities to bulk edit if needed.

More info on activity completion:

What is course completion? More info:

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