General description

With the Assignment activity, students can submit written work such as essays, learning diaries, reports, and so on as files. Even video files are accepted.

Note! You have to use separate assignment activities for individual and group assignments.

Note! if you want to make students´ submissions visible to other course students, restrict access to the course students only. Do not publish or make submissions visible to others without permission.

Video: Adding an assignment (starting 4:30)

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Assignment settings

To set up an assignment, click Turn editing on → click Add an activity or resource → Assignment.


  • Give a good name to your assignment and a description of what students should do, and how. You can also add files.


  • Due Date appears in the course calendar. Late submissions are possible.
  • After the Cut-off Date, submissions are no longer possible. The Cut-off Date doesn't appear in the calendar.

Submission types

  • Students can submit files or editor text (or both). The number of files or words can be limited.
  • You can also restrict submission to certain file types.

Feedback types

  • You can give individual text feedback or give your feedback via a file.
  • You can choose PDF annotation.

Group submission settings

  • Submission and grading are done only once for the small group. 
  • Groups must be created first; also, use grouping. More info: Groups and groupings



  • Points (recommended)
  • Scales ("yes-no" for accepted-not accepted)
  • You can create a rubric (advanced grading method).
  • Anonymous submissions: choose 'yes' if you want to hide student names and numbers. Instruct students not to write their names or student numbers in files. You can reveal the names again by choosing 'View all submissions' and Grading action: Reveal student identities. This way the grades can be seen in the Grades section after assessment. (Original text Moodle: Anonyymi arviointi tehtävä-aktiviteetissa)

Common module settings

Restrict access

Activity completion

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Grading and giving feedback on assignments

Video: How to grade and give feedback on assignments:

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  • Simple direct grading
  • Marking guide
  • Rubric

How to give grades at the same time / simultaneously

a. hide activity column in grader report OR

b. use workflow in assignment settings

How to use quick grading

How to use feedback files

How to use the rubric (grading table)

Tips for grading and giving feedback in an Assignment

  • PDF annotation is no longer a default setting in assignment grading. Students´ submissions are not automatically converted to PDF files, which can make grading quicker. You can choose PDF annotation in the assignment settings: Feedback types → Annotate PDF

  • Teachers can record audio feedback in an assignment. Media and other file uploads are now permitted when grading assignments.

  • To support "process writing", students submit a version, get feedback, revise and edit their work: Allow another attempt versions + feedback saved in the submission history

  • To give structured feedback easily and fast, use Rubric.  In the Assignment settings, choose Grading method →  Rubric and create a grading table.
    More info:
  • To publish grades to all students simultaneously, use Marking workflow. In the Assignment settings, click Grade → Use marking workflow → yes.
    More info:
  • To allocate students´ submissions to teachers, use Marking allocation. In Assignment settings, click Grade → Use marking allocation → yes.
    More info:

Group assignments

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Case 1. kuvaus

Error in a group assignment?

In a group assignment, you may get the error message:

"The setting 'Require group to make submission' is enabled and some users are either not a member of any group, or are a member of more than one group, so are unable to make a submission."

In most cases, this error is because you have Sisu-based groups, and your own groups are not separated in your workspace.  Separate (or “bundle up”) your groups with a grouping, and then in the assignment use your grouping (your set of groups). Also, check that all the students are a member of some group.

What to do:

  1. click Participants click the gear → Groups. Open the Groupings -tab. Create a Grouping (= give a name to your set of groups, eg “Laboratory groups”). After that, populate the grouping with your groups (like you populated groups with people).

After that

2. Open assignment settings. Choose Group submission settings -> Grouping for student groups → choose a grouping.

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