What is Accessibility toolkit

Accessibility Toolkit is a service that incorporates the Brickfield Accessibility Starter Toolkit to help teachers create accessible course content.

Activate accessability toolkit in course space

  1. Go to your course space and Turn editing on
  2. Open right menu and click Add a block
  3. Select Accessability review
  4. Close pop-up window

Now you should see the following block (Image 1) on right side of the page.

Accessability review window in MyCourses
Image 1.

Analyze course space

When analysis block has been created it shows Submit for analysis button. If you are ready to analyze just click the button and you will get notification that course is scheduled for analysis (Image 2).
You do not need to stay on the page to wait for the results. Results will be displayed for you every time you get back to the course page. Students are not able to see the results.

Once the review is done, you can update your course and the accessiblity review results will be updated automatically. You don't have to refresh or remove the block.

Scheduled for analysis
Image 2.

Reading results

When review is done the block will show results (image 3)

accessability report block
Image 3.

Toggle eye icon to show results on page, Click view accessibility toolkit for closer look or download results as a pdf-file.

Error details view

View more detailed view of errors from course main page ribbon → More → Accessibility toolkit

Detailed view provides information about error and link to activity for fixing the issue. It also provides summary report about findings (Image 5).

error details view
Image 5.

Additional information